Well hello there! Welcome to my abode! 

Normally this is where you would find all my credentials, successes, years of experience, and blah blah blah so that you can know that I am the very bestest in the world and can make all of your dreams come true! 

Boring. I will list all of that stuff at the bottom to assure you I am not a traveling salesman or a crazy lady with a collection of moss terrariums all over the house. (That final statement might be slightly true…)   Don’t get me wrong, I’m very good at what I do. (See the ridiculously long list of accolades and achievements below).

What I WILL do is invite you to come in and have a seat on my comfy oversized chair – after I clear off the backpacks and dirty socks.  I will offer you a warm cup of tea or an icy diet coke (yes, I said diet coke.)

I want to know what makes you laugh! What drives you crazy! What is your favorite family recipe? What are you hoping for?  What are your dreams?  What are your fears?  What is holding you back?  

What do these questions have to do with diet, nutrition and overall health?  Everything.

I will tell you that the dreams you have for yourself are possible.  Yes. ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE!  The repressive feelings of self-doubt and disappointment are only shadows.  They are not real. They are not who you are. They just need a little gentle light shed on them. 

The dreams you have  those where you are playing soccer with your kids, confidently soaking in the sun at the beach, or passing by a mirror with a smile  are your glimpses.  They are your truth. They are who you really are. They are powerful.

Come with me.  Let’s find your path. Don’t worry about the bumps and bruises along the way. If you trip, you will be there to catch you.  

Namaste and all that jazz,

Becky Sumsion  

Registered Dietitian, Mom, Lover of Moss

Becky Sumsion, RDN, CD has worked in the Medical Nutrition Therapy and Weight Loss Industry for over 16 years and has a BS in Food, Science, and Nutrition. She holds two nationally recognized weight management certifications from the prestigious American Dietetic Association and received Life Coach training through Franklin Covey.

Becky loves people, has a passion for health, and a weakness for good chocolate. You will see her around Farmington, UT driving her 4 kids to and from school, participating and teaching at community events, creating amazing terrariums, and if there’s time left over, pulling weeds out of her flower beds!